Club Membership

MVMAC is one of the premier clubs in the Southwest. Over 50+ years of aero modeling and flying and a lot of the most experienced builders in the Southwest. As a club, the variety of knowledge and skill is key to the longevity of MVMAC in this community. We love to fly and always enjoy sharing this experience with fellow RC pilots. Our annual dues are about as cheap as you’ll find for any club in Cruces. Billing cycles are January 1st to December 31st; with an effective date of March 1st to be paid and active to maintain access to Club info, events and planning. Payments after July 1st can be prorated to 1/2 the full amount. Details are below. PAYPAL or check/ money order are our payment options for tracking purposes. Checks need to be made out to the club treasurer. See details below for POC.

All members over 16 years of age are required to have active AMA and MVMAC membership to maintain access to club info and resources. Normal club dues are $35/year


PAYPAL Payments

Account name :

Select GOODS and SERVICES for payment type

Amount (plus their fee) is $36.50

Contact the current Club Treasurer, (Roger Cook) at if you have any questions about checks.