Evan Merewether

I currently work full time as an Electrical Engineer for a small veteran owned business here in Las Cruces. I was fortunate enough to get the perfect job for me right out of collage and have stayed with them for over 25 years. This means that my carrier also restricts my availability to Saturdays and holidays. Fortunately, I am able to occasionally break loose from work so if Saturdays are not good for you, let me know and hopefully we can arrange our schedules appropriately.

My history with remote controlled aircraft has been a rocky path with several pitfalls and failures for most of my life. The problem was I never did try and find a club to join to get actual instruction on how to fly. I tried to do this all on my own and therefore I failed miserably. I think I was in my early teen years when I made my first attempt. It was a high wing type airplane with a small glow fuel engine in it with a rudder and an elevator (no ailerons) for control surfaces. The manual suggested a hand launch for beginners and also indicated that it could do rise off ground (ROG). Well, as you have anticipated, I crashed a few times using the hand launch technique and then failed to get it to ROG. Looking back, Not only did I not have anyone to show me how to properly fly the plane, I also think that the motor was not generating enough thrust to keep it in the air. It would have been great if I had someone that could have shown me the proper way to fly the aircraft as well as helped me properly tune the glow motor. After a couple of days of failures with no successes, I hung my head low and put the plane in the closet. It never saw the light of day again.


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