• Only rubber soled footwear is to be worn in the gyms.
• The use of alcohol, drugs, or dipping is NOT permitted on the premises of the Meerscheidt Recreational Center. Smoking and vaping is only permitted outside when more than 50 feet from the building.
• The gyms are always to be kept in a clean condition.  Everything including trash should be collected and taken with you when you leave the gym.
• No swearing or foul language will be tolerated.
• Fooling around and running will not be permitted.
• Spectators and non-pilots are permitted to stand in the model preparation area as long as the MVMAC officers or instructors do not state otherwise.

Flight guidelines:

• AMA membership is required for anyone intending to fly (students under instructor supervision are exempt).
• Instruction and training flights take precedence over all other flying activities.
• Each of the two gyms are divided into 2 sections: the model preparation area and the flight area.  The border between these two areas is the flight line, as marked on the floor.
• The flight area is only to be entered when necessary and only when everyone currently flying a plane has acknowledged your request to do so.
• Traffic patterns, when in place, will be designated by the instructors.
• Flight times should be limited to 5 minutes.  Between individual flights, pauses of at least ten minutes should be observed to allow other flyers a chance to fly.
• Flying behind the flight line into the model preparation area is strictly forbidden.
• While flying, pilots must stand along the line between the traffic cones.
• FPV is allowed when utilizing a spotter next to them throughout the flight.

Aircraft limits:

• Electric power systems only. No aircraft shall emit any exhaust.
• Noise from all aircraft is limited to 80 dBA at 5 feet. This is comparable to an alarm clock.
• 72 MHz, infra-red, and Wi-Fi control links are not permitted.  Radios will operate exclusively on spread spectrum technologies that are resistant to interference.
• Only suitable models are permitted to be flown in the gym.  If sharp or pointy areas exist on the model, these must be made safe.
• RC airplanes are limited to the following maximums: weight of 10 oz. with battery, a Park-300 motor, and a wing loading of 5 oz/ft2.
• Multi-rotors with blade guards, a rotor to rotor separation of less than 3” and a weight of less than 6 oz. with battery may fly if a designated area has been established by the event manager.
• Helicopters with less than a 13” main rotor diameter and a weight of less than 4 oz. with battery may fly if a designated area has been established by the event manager.
• All aircraft not previously approved must undergo a safety check by a knowledgeable and experienced MVMAC member or instructor before it is allowed to fly.