STEM Aviation

The future of aviation has a direct line to the youth of the world. While we, the experienced pilots, have enjoyed this hobby for some time, the lessons of experience are not being transferred to the next generation. Experience is always the best teacher but we need more community involvement to sustain the lessons of flight!

With this task in mind, MVMAC has worked consistently to support local Dona Anna County schools and the New Mexico State University (NMSU) STEM Outreach Center. With the continued support of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a joint effort to provide STEM instruction, engineering and applications to the youth of Las Cruces has become a strongly recognized effort in supporting the RC Hobby in the Southwest!

From public events and shows to Summer/ Fall STEM camps, to one on one classroom and hands on lessons, the children, the true future of Aviation are surrounded with opportunity. Students are provided with materials, instructions and locations to learn, experience flight in a safe, educational environment, and to apply the lessons learned with a truly practical, task oriented flight with local MVMAC pilots and instructors! Interested in learning how we can support YOUR school?? Contact us!